Development and discipleship intensive to launch your destiny! Receive spiritual growth, prophetic direction, and life coaching to create and build a ministry and/or business.

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Kingdom Development!

Do you want to propel in your spiritual walk, but you'd like someone to walk alongside you? I remember, wanting to grow, but I didn't have anyone to impart into me, ask questions, and help me get to the next level. I wanted more and the only place I knew to go was the floor. Now, the Holy Spirit is the best teacher, but I know not everyone has two years of their life to lie prostrate on the floor like I did. 

I love pushing people. Giving them the encouragement and stretch they need. Often the way we move forward is by trying something outside of our comfort zone. We need someone to believe in us! I want to be that person for you! I believe discipleship is missing in the church. We are so concerned with our ministry, that competition and jealousy run rampant, and the busyness of ministry that leaders are not sowing into other's lives so they can be productive for the Kingdom of God.

I enjoy taking people that I have invested in and activating them as leaders in my ministry, helping them develop their calling, and having them grow to be all God wants them to be!

I believe walking in our destiny comes with releasing the prophetic inside of us and that happens in many different ways. We must become prophetic people, yielding to the Holy Spirit, growing rapidly in our faith and learning how to release and receive prophetic ministry. Partnering with the Holy Spirit is the key to activating all the gifts within you!

One of the things I love about this mentorship is community! Like-minded individuals working together!

I didn’t have anyone to take me by the hand, help me form a ministry, or show me how to take a product and create a business out of it. I remember sending out postcards and doing everything I could to advertise my ministry and get my name out there. Nothing worked! I discovered some keys along the way. It was relationships! If you want business or ministry success, it is about connecting with the right people and building strong, lasting relationships that will open doors. It is the Holy Spirit making divine connections!

No one told me how to form a 501c3, but I got approved on the first try (very unusual). I didn’t know what government paperwork I had to fill out for a business product, how to protect my assets or how to publish a book. God revealed it all! When I was what some would call an underdog, with no ministry family and no overseer to help me get started, it was my determination and perseverance and the Holy Spirit leading and guiding the way that led me to have a product featured and sold on Jim Bakker, selling anointing oil around the world, publishing with four different main Christian book companies, having a podcast that broke the records and surpassed even the president and vice president’s records at Charisma media. 

I have tried and true experience of spending two years on my face seeking the Holy Spirit and growing a business and ministry. I have been featured on Sid Roth, CTN, Daystar Programming, Jim Bakker and Cornerstone TV. I’ve self-published and published books with Chosen, Whitaker, Charisma and Destiny Image. I host a sought-after TV show and podcast. 


You don’t have to do life alone! Let me coach you! Let me impart this to you! Let me help push you spiritually to the next level! 

My new Kingdom Development is for both men and women who want someone to give them that push, help them figure it out and do life together! 

I will launch you into your destiny through a private communities app, a student portal, bi-monthly group zoom trainings, and bi-weekly notes. We’ll even have a chance to converse via email and text. The endless possibilities include ministering at my events, traveling with me, becoming ordained, and starting your ministry. I’ll help you make those relational connections with businesses, publishers and ministries that you need to get your foot in the door. 

Join me for my intense development program to develop and launch your destiny!

Included Topics:

This is a sample of over 37 topics planned for 2024! All topics will be geared towards spiritual growth, releasing the prophetic, producing a product for income, and starting or forming a ministry or business. You will receive knowledge and communication through daytime and evening zooms, student portal and assignments. Video replays and lessons are uploaded to a simple to use platform. You will also join a communities app where you can converse with Kathy and other students.

  • Business and Ministry Formation

  • How to Operate in all Spiritual Gifts

  • Vision, Goal Planning, Implementation

  • Kick passivity to the curb!

  • Seeing into the spiritual realm and activating your prophetic!

  • Taking a God-given idea and turning it into residual income

  • Receive ordination and activation in ministry

  • Manifest your prophetic words

  • Learn how to write for publication


Come, let’s release your destiny!

My goal has always been to make it easier for the next person. Let me take all the hard work I did and impart it to you!

I can’t wait to launch and propel you to destiny!


Kathy DeGraw

Apostle Kathy DeGraw is the president and founder of Kathy DeGraw Ministries and K Advancement, LLC. She is a spiritual warfare expert, prophetic deliverance minister, author and conference speaker. She travels internationally, teaching people how to walk in their prophetic destiny, conquer spiritual warfare, release the ministry of deliverance, and become strong prayer warriors through the power of praying audibly with authority. Kathy’s show on CPN called, Prophetic Spiritual Warfare brings forth deliverance, activation and impartation. Kathy writes for Charisma Magazine, The Elijah List, Spirit Fuel and Prophecy Investigators. She is passionate about allowing the Holy Spirit to lead and flow prophetically. She desires to set the captives free and help people establish the ministry God has for them. Kathy co-leads Ruach Ha’Kodesh Apostolic Empowerment Center with her husband, Pastor Ron DeGraw.